Multipole photonic topological insulators

We aim to demonstrate new classes of PHOTIs in 2D and 3D for which no experimental demonstration exist to date, and to lay groundwork for standardized methods of synthesis.

Synthetic spaces

In analogy to spatial degrees of freedom, other degrees of freedom such as time, frequency, orbital angular momentum, spin, etc., can also be treated as synthetic dimensions that permit realization of higher-dimensional PHOTIs. Synthetic spaces therefore enable access to higher-dimensional topological phenomena in lower-dimensional physical space.

Floquet and nonlinear high-order TIs

We are working to extend PHOTIs into nonlinear optical materials (e.g. Lithium niobate), to discover emergent topological phenomena and novel optical properties and functionalities.

Machine Learning

Optimization and machine learning techniques are being used for high-order topological insulator material discovery, and for novel pumping protocols.